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Ribbon patterned
1 metre length of woven patterned ribbon, approx. 3.3cm wide, for runners, chair seat cushions etc.
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Rustic Bench tiny
Tiny resin bench or shelf, approx. 47mm long x 18mm high x 12mm wide.
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Pocket Watch x 15 tiny
15 Tiny pocket watches, each approx. 1.5 x 1cm.
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Wishing Well x 5
4 Tiny metal wishing wells, each approx. 2.5cm high overall x approx. 11mm wide.
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Skeletons x 10
10 Metal skeletons, each approx. 38mm high overall.
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Metal model ship approx. 5.5cm long x 5.5cm high to top of mast, 2.2cm at widest point.
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Tiny Chairs x 6 metal
6 Tiny metal chairs, each approx. 16mm high x 7mm wide
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Lights string 2 metres
Approx. 2 metre string with pretty shiny light bulbs (non working) each bulb approx. 12mm long overall.
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Knitted Hats x 10 large
10 Large knitted Hats in a random assortment of colours, each approx. 4cm high x 3.5cm wide, a little large for 12th scale.
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Shop Doorbell
Metal bracket with small bell (does not tinkle) approx. 33mm wide x 22mm high.
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Coat Hooks on Rack
Wooden rack with metal coat hooks, approx. 5.5cm long overall.
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Binoculars x 6 (S)
6 Metal binoculars, in a silver colour, each approx. 23 x 22mm overall.
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Cat Faces x 2
2 Cat faces made from resin, with flat back, measuring approx. 2cm wide x 1.7cm high.
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Hats x 5 pink large
5 Pretty pink hats, too large for 12th scale, each approx. 5cm across x 2cm high, for head diameter of about 2.5cm.
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Tiny Bedroom Set
Tiny plastic furniture, as a guide to size bed measures approx. 4.5cm overall.
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Europe : 6.50 to 8.50

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