Cooking, tea Sets, Cutlery, Food, Bottles, Jars etc

Platter x 2 (Cu)
2 Oval platters finished in a matt copper colour, each approx. 33 x 25mm.
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Shelf with Towel
Wooden shelf with towel, shelf is approx. 6.6mm wide .
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Saucepans x 4 (S)
4 Metal saucepans/casserole with removable lids in silver colour, pan diameter varying from 18mm to 22mm.
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Saucepans x 4 (C)
4 Metal saucepans/casserole with removable lids in copper colour, pan diameter varying from 18mm to 22mm.
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Kitchen Scales (R)
Metal scales in red and black measuring approx. 42mm long x 20mm high.
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Metal toaster with 2 pieces of toast, toaster approx. 2cm wide x 1.5cm high.
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Metal meat mincer/grinder measuring approx. 3cms x 2cms.
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Black metal cauldron, approx. 3cm to top of handle, 2cm diameter across the top.
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Kettle (B)
Small metal kettle in black, approx. 18mm x 20mm high.
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Cooking Utensils (C)
Metal utensils in copper colour, each approx. 3cms long.
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Kettle small
Small copper coloured kettle measuring approx. 2.5 cms wide x 2cms high.
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Egg Pans x 4 assorted (C)
4 Small single egg frying pans in assorted colours, each approx. 28mm long overall.
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Saucepan Set
Grey plastic budget saucepan set, large pan is approx. 2.5cm diameter x 1.5cm high.
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Cake Stand pink
Pink porcelain cake stand measuring approx. 13mm high and 24mm diameter across the top.
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Assortment A1
A random assortment of resin cakes and doughnuts, selection may vary slightly from that shown.
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