20 Small Hinges
20 Small hinges, each approx. 8 mm high x 10 mm wide when laid flat.
2.99 Add To Order
S/4 Butterfly Hinge (G)
4 Small butterfly butt hinges (gold colour) each approx. 16 mm high x 12 mm wide when open, including screws.
0.99 0.75 Add To Order
12 Butterfly Hinge (D)
12 Small butterfly butt hinges (antique bronze colour) each approx. 16 mm high x 12 mm wide when open, including screws.
2.49 1.99 Add To Order
S/4 Handles Plain
4 Metal handles with keys. Handles measure approx. 19mm high.
2.99 Add To Order
Door Handle Set
Door handle, key, knocker and letterbox. Made from metal, as a guide to size the letterbox measures approx. 25mm wide.
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S/10 Hinges
10 Hinges with screws, finished in brass/gold colour. When laid flat each hinge measures approx. 20 mms high x 17mm wide.
1.75 Add To Order
S/24 Wood Spindles
24 Wooden spindles, each approx. 6.5 cms long.
4.99 4.25 Add To Order
S/40 Small Spindles
40 Small wooden spindles, each approx. 2.25 inches long.
5.99 Add To Order
S/4 Slim Newels
4 Wooden newel posts - each approx. 3.25 inches high.
1.35 0.95 Add To Order
10 Lion Knockers
10 Large metal lion knockers - approx. 20 mm wide at widest point.
3.65 3.49 Add To Order
Metal letterbox with frame for inside, approx. 1 inch wide. Non opening mail slot.
1.45 0.99 Add To Order






UK - 3.50

Europe - 6.00

Rest of the World - please ask for a shipping quote


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